Let's Get Back to Basics

The Science of Love

Raising a happy and healthy child isn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t scientific at all! In fact, scientists have been studying how people bond with one another (the experience that we describe as love) for decades. They’ve reached the conclusion that at the most basic human level, the way people bond with one another is consistent. It’s the same across different ages, races, and cultures. 

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While babies learn most of their human behavior from observing other humans once they are born, they arrive to this world pre-programmed with the ability to bond with other humans, especially adults. Watch this video to learn about the specific bonding skills that babies are born with and how they use them:

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Scientists have also learned that there is one particular bond that affects a person more than any other. You might think that it’s the bond between you an your romantic partner, but actually- it’s the bond between you and the person who took care of you most of the time from age 0-1. The quality of this bond impacts a person’s health and happiness throughout their life.

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Don't Babies and Their Parents Just Naturally Bond?

This is where it really gets interesting. You see, every parent loves their baby. But what does it mean to love? Maybe you’ve heard of love languages, which is the idea that people give and receive love differently. Well, the same is true for babies. Everyone loves their baby, but we don’t necessarily know how to give our baby love in the same way that they need to receive it in order to develop a strong bond with us. 

How Do Babies Feel Love?

The researchers who discovered the science of bonding, John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, found through their research that there are certain things that caregivers can do to form a strong bond with their baby. These certain things are described in the four Sensiboo STAR™ Caregiver Skills: Sensitivity, Trust, Autonomy, and Responsiveness.

The Baby Love Potion... Your Baby Believes:

You are there for them

You understand them

They are independent

They matter to you

The Birth of the Sensiboo System

First of all, you are totally capable of making the best decisions for your baby! What’s more, a lot of those decisions that you may be worried about won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. But what will matter is if your baby has a strong bond with you, or whoever they will be spending the most time with. When I found out how important this bond is, I wanted to create a simple, straightforward way for people who care for babies to understand and use what scientists already know about how to optimize the bond between a baby and their caregiver. The result was the Sensiboo System, a series of products that helps caregivers to easily understand, develop and use the STAR™ skills to form a strong bond with their baby.

The Sensiboo System

Baby Bonding Workbook

  • 180 pages 
  • Interactive
  • Helpful tips, information & more

Attachies™ Activity Cards

  • 40 cards for babies 0-1
  • Simple & interesting activities
  • Based on STAR skills

SensiSupport™ App

  • To be released in 2024
  • A support system for caregivers
  • Encouraging & gentle coaching

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