Baby Summer Reading Development Worksheet


Summer Reading Challenge worksheet for babies from 0-12 months encourages infant development through daily reading and weekly activities.

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Nurture Your Baby’s Development This Summer!

Download our free Sensiboo Baby Summer Reading Challenge worksheet to kickstart a joyful summer journey with your little one. Designed for babies from 0-12 months, this fun challenge encourages daily reading with your baby along with engaging weekly activities that support their socioemotional development.


  • Daily Reading Tracker: Color in a flower center for each day you read to your baby for 10 minutes.
  • Age-Appropriate Suggestions: Make this fun for you AND your baby!
    • 0-3 months: Read a book from your reading list aloud (that’s right, you get to read whatever you want!)
    • 3-6 months: Explore non-fiction with lots of photos (think, cookbook or art book)
    • 6-9 months: Let your baby pick from a selection of board books and read that book to them.
    • 9-12 months: Take your baby with you as you ask a librarian for a book suggestion!
  • Incentives: Reach a butterfly milestone to claim a special prize activity, available on our Instagram

Encourage your baby’s development with this engaging and delightful worksheet. Download now and make reading a treasured part of your baby’s summer!

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