Read-Aloud Stories for Babies – Attachies™ Supplement


Discover the enchanting world of reading to your baby with these Read-Aloud Stories for Babies, a download that supplements Attachies™. Each story celebrates the tender bond between baby animals and their caregivers and is intricately woven with the four STAR skills of Sensitivity, Trust, Autonomy, and Responsiveness. This collection is designed to support you in nurturing secure attachment in your baby.

Embark on a heartwarming journey with these Read-Aloud Stories for Babies, a collection uniquely designed to deepen the bond between you and your little one. These stories are not just tales; they are a bridge connecting the hearts of caregivers and babies through the charming world of baby animals and their nurturing relationships.

Key Features:

  • Enchanting Animal Tales: Each story delicately portrays the tender relationship between baby animals and their caregivers, mirroring the universal bond of love and care in the human world.
  • STAR Skills Integration: The narratives are woven around the four STAR skills – Sensitivity, Trust, Autonomy, and Responsiveness – the essential elements to develop secure attachment in your baby, and which all Sensiboo products are built upon.
  • Interactive Reading Experience: These stories enhance your experience of using Attachies™ with your baby, helping you to understand and embody the STAR skills, thereby enhancing the emotional connection with your baby.
  • Diverse and Educational Content: The stories feature different kinds of caregivers- parents, grandparents, and childcare professionals, and different kinds of animals for your baby to learn about
  • Technology-Driven: Available for free download, this supplement is a modern and accessible solution for busy caregivers.


  • Strengthens Caregiver-Baby Bond: These stories do more than entertain; they actively promote secure attachment through their portrayal of the STAR skills in action.
  • Encourages Empathy and Understanding: By relating to the experiences of baby animals, babies and caregivers develop empathy and a deeper understanding of each other.
  • Fosters Early Development: The narratives stimulate early learning, language development, and cognitive growth, crucial in the formative years.
  • Convenient and Accessible: Perfect for the modern, tech-savvy parent, this supplement offers flexibility and ease of use in your daily routine.

Delve into Read-Aloud Stories for Babies, where each story is a treasure trove of lessons in love, care, and the beautiful dance of growing together. This collection is not just a set of stories; it’s an invaluable tool in the journey of building a secure, loving foundation for your baby.


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