Learn From People Who Care

At Sensiboo, we are focused on helping babies and their caregivers to be happy, healthy, and loved. We developed the Sensiboo System in pursuit of that mission. We’ve also developed several free resources for parents and other infant caregivers that enhance the Sensiboo System experience and further our mission.

Actionable Advice

Sensiboo offers you straightforward advice that is based on science.

Interesting Info

Sensiboo gives you the data behind the advice in an easy to absorb format.

Fun Features

Sensiboo will enrich your life, especially through your relationship with your baby.

Our Products

A mixture of the Sensiboo System products and free, downloadable resources all designed to support and enhance your caregiving journey.

Sensiboo is for any infant caregiver:

Whether you are a current or future parent, grandparent, guardian, or childcare professional, Sensiboo will prepare you to have a strong bond with any and every baby you care for

Sage, the Sensiboo Guide

Our products are primarily focused on helping you to develop and use the Sensiboo Skills (Sensitivity, Trust, Autonomy, & Responsiveness) which help you to develop a strong bond with your baby.

The entire team here at Sensiboo has your back. We know you have the most important job in the world and from Coco, the founder, to Sage, our mascot and your AI coach, we are focused on helping you feel confident in your caregiver role.

Unlike a lot of parenting advice, what you hear from Sensiboo will always be valuable insights based on science.